In her creative endeavours, Dijana Engelmann has consistently focused her attention on the examination and interpretation of various social and interpersonal dynamics within modern society. This thematic exploration is particularly evident in her notable works such as ‘Unknown’ (2014) and ‘Forms’ (2023). Beyond societal relationships, Engelmann engages in a complex examination of the creative process itself, probing the dynamic nature inherent in artistic endeavour. Furthermore, Engelmann engages in a nuanced exploration of the fluidity and redefinition of boundaries within the intricate relationship between the artist and the audience. This aspect is particularly highlighted in works such as ‘Game’ (2015) and ‘Laboratory of the Flow of Consciousness’ (2016), ‘Forms’ (2023), Readapt (2023). Through her art, she invites contemplation on the shifting nature of these boundaries, creating a thought-provoking dialogue on the intricate connections between creator and viewer.

She is a firm believer in the transformative power of art, not only for inspiration, but also for healing. Through her creative processes, she strives to create immersive experiences that foster a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. For her, art is not only an aesthetic experience, but also a tool that enables personal and social transformation processes. She is committed to the creative potential of each individual to create a better society, and to the power of art as a vehicle for change and healing. Through her work, she seeks to provoke reflection, dialogue and change, inviting audiences to actively participate in processes of thought and transformation. In this way, art becomes not only a source of inspiration, but also a catalyst for positive change in the world around us.

Born in 1989.
Split, Croatia

Lived in Trogir (HR), Hamburg (DE), Ulm (DE), Split (HR), Aachen (DE), currently living in Bettembourg (LU). Works in Luxembourg since 2019.



September 2024 “Sols et Sous-sols”, VEWA, Dudelange, Luxembourg

July 13 and 14, 2024, Atelier Empreinte, Luxembourg

5.6.2024 – 18.6.2024 Salon LUT, Trogir, Croatia


2023                AAPL Goes Artweek, Luxembourg

2023                Open Art, Larochette castle, Luxembourg

2021                Galerie asterisk* eine feministische Intervention, Germany

2020                ”IndustriAll”, Metamedij, Labin, Croatia

2019                Galerie asterisk* eine feministische Intervention, Germany

2016                Lab of the Consciousness Flow, MKC, Split, Croatia (solo)

2016                Vizura Aperta 16., curated by Davorka Peric, Zlarin, Croatia 

2015                “…light is in our hands.”, Loggia Gallery, Split, Croatia (solo)

2015                ”Hercegovačka 65”, curated by Ana Žanko, (MKC), Split, Croatia

2015                Sculpture 2015, Multimedia Cultural Center (MKC), Split, Croatia

2015                Night of Performance, with Nina Kamenjarin, (MKC), Split,  Croatia

2014                Unknown, Fast Forward III, Museum of Fine Arts, Split, Croatia (solo)

2014                Upcycling, Heimtextil Young Creations Awards, Frankfurt, Germany

2014                Sub-ART, with Nina Kamenjarin, Boot Messe Düsseldorf, Germany

2013                XI. Memorial Ivo Kerdic Prize, Art Gallery Osijek, Osijek, Croatia 


2014 – 2016         Arts Academy of the University of Split / MA in Sculpture
2013 – 2014         FH Aachen Department of Design, Germany
2010 – 2013         Arts Academy of the University of Split / BA in Sculpture

Workshops | selected

2023                 Porträtskulptur, 42. Summerakademie, CEPA

2023                 Dessin de nu, CEPA- Centre pour la promotion des arts Luxembourg

2023                 Keramik, CEPA

2022                 Modellieren und Gießen mit Porzellan, CEPA

2022                 Kleine Plastiken und Reliefs, CEPA

2022                 Keramik, 41. Summerakademie, CEPA

2022                 Arten des Aktzeichnens, 41. Summerakademie, CEPA

2022                 Keramik, CEPA

2016                 Vizura Aperta 16, Zlarin, Croatia

2016                 Kasetarnica-FERATA, Sinj, Croatia

2015                 FMFS, Mediteran Film Festival Split, Croatia


HDLU – Croatian Association of Visual Artists 
AAPL – Association des Artistes Plasticiens du Luxembourg, Luxembourg
CEPA – Centre pour la promotion des arts Luxembourg, LU (board member)
DKollektiv – Dudelange, Luxembourg
LUT – Likovna udruga Trogir, Croatia
BBK – Ulm

 Articles/publications | selected:

2023 ZLV.LU
2023 CEPA – Centre pour la promotion des arts Luxembourg 
2023 Wort.lu
2022 kulturama.lu
2021 Exposition FAAR 2021
2020 My Stop Motion, GIF animation, IndustriAll, Metamedij
2015 Exhibition catalogue, Premijere 45, text by Ana Žanko
2015 Exhibition catalogue, Process, MKC Split, catalog, text by Ana Žanko
2015 Konflikt, Night of Performance, articles
2014 kulturpunkt.hr
2014 Exhibition catalogue, FAST FORWARD: VOLUME III, Art gallery Split
2013 Exhibition catalogue, Separation, XI. Memorial Ive Kerdića, GLUO